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My New Oculus Rift – 1st Impressions

dkAfter Ive had a day to check out and perform with my Oculus Rift devkit I’d like to discuss a few of the 1st impressions Ive got of the apparatus by checking out a few presentations accessible along with the initial game Team Fortress 2. Because I do use prescription eyeglasses as Im somewhat near-sighted, with -1.25 diopters what appeared to perform best using the Rift was the center B set of contacts as the A established creates a fuzzy picture for me personally as well as the C established is too much. Ive additionally examined attempting to to match my prescription frames in the Rift as they can be quite compact in dimension (the do fit in), the result I get together inside utilizing the A set is more or less exactly the same as when utilizing the B established with no spectacles.

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